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Identity Theft Services

It’s Not Just Your Identity…
It’s Your life.

Aurora Credit Union Identity Theft Services

Your first line of defense against identity theft is education. Click here to access educational articles to learn more.

As an Aurora Credit Union member, you receive unlimited personal assistance to resolve identity theft with our free Identity Theft Resolution Services.

Preventive Services * Resolution Services * Document Recovery
* Identity Theft Education

Want more protection? Click here for Proactive – Identity Credit Monitoring Services at a cost of $35 per year

With Your New Identity Theft Services, You Can Count On…

  • Preventive Services – To help lock criminals out and manage the risk of identity theft if a wallet or purse is lost or stolen, if your mailbox is burglarized, if you notice someone “shoulder surfing” while you were using an ATM or laptop, if you find out that an organization you deal with has had a security breach, if you want to protect the identity of a deceased spouse, when planning a local or cross-country move, or when you are slated for active military duty abroad.
  • Resolution Services – You don’t have to face the risk alone. To help completely resolve identity theft, you get unlimited personal assistance from the same dedicated fraud specialist; systematic notification to credit bureaus, creators, government agencies, including credit file alerts; phone calls and help in preparation of all resolution documents; assistance filing a police report and creating Fraud Victim Affidavit and your Identity Theft Passport, as needed; comprehensive case file to aid law enforcement and claims’ handling; one year of FREE fraud monitoring of 1,000 public record databases, plus one year of FREE credit monitoring, including a 3-in-1 credit report for identity theft victims; medical identity theft assistance; assistance with child identity theft; and up to a year of follow-up to make sure identity theft doesn’t happen again.
  • Marriage & Divorce Identity Services – While your wedding planner helps with preparations for the big day, and before you cut the wedding cake, your Identity Theft 911 fraud specialist cuts through the red tape and takes precautionary steps to prevent identity fraud. Meanwhile, divorce and legal separation can lead to damaged credit and a need to repair finances. All those shared accounts that once defined your life together as a couple can now lead to fraud. While you are "untying the knot," you need to know how to untie your joint accounts. At these important times, consumers need assistance avoiding or resolving identity fraud. Your Identity Theft 911 fraud specialist will help you prepare for the next stage of your lives with expert, one-on-one identity services.
  • Document Recovery – When you’re traveling abroad or are a victim of a natural disaster or fire, you will receive help replacing lost, stolen or destroyed documents and identification.
  • Identity Theft Information – Your first line of defense against identity theft is education. As part of this new program, you will receive access to our daily-updated educational website featuring: News alerts regarding the latest scams; in-depth articles, monthly newsletters, and a wealth of preventative tips and guidelines; for this and more, regularly visit

It is easy for Aurora Credit Union members to use our FREE Identity Theft Resolution Services.

For immediate identity theft assistance, simply call Aurora Credit Union at (414) 649-7949 or toll-free at (888) 530-9555 and you will be provided with an on-demand Identity Theft 911 fraud specialist – who determines your best course of action, cuts through the red tape and handles all the hard work for you.

Want More Protection?

Enroll in Proactive – Identity Credit Monitoring Services for round-the-clock credit monitoring. Click here for more information. We appreciate your membership and want to make sure you have the help you need to meet the challenges of identity theft.

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