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Parent of a Teen? Know a Teen? Tell Them to Play Money Mission

Play Money Mission
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While anyone can play we encourage college-bound high school seniors of Aurora Health Care caregivers household's to sign up to play Money Mission. Click on the graphic for Money Mission to sign in and create an account. They will join thousands of teens across the country who are participating in the opportunities for college scholarships! Money Mission is the only financial literacy tool in the marketplace that fulfills the need for financial education within an interactive, online competitive gaming environment that also rewards players with scholarships to pursue a post-secondary education.

Money Mission is an online simulation, available to play through Aurora Credit Union, that teaches real life financial skills. Teens create an avatar and live, work and make real life financial decisions in the game's simulated village "Mission Heights." Money Mission gives youth an opportunity to consider the financial obligations they face and how they will deal with them in real life.

During the 14-week playing session, players are encouraged to make a wide range of decisions, including buying a car, trading stocks, and holding down a job. The choices players make are tied to their avatar's happiness meter, a barometer designed to demonstrate how good financial decisions require life balance. College-bound high school seniors will have a chance to compete for college scholarships.

Please read and print the Official Rules for the Money Mission Financial Literacy Scholarship Program when you sign in to create an account online.

For more information about "Money Mission" contact Aurora Credit Union at 414-649-7949 or toll free 888-530-9555 or send us an email at

No purchase necessary to participate. Eligible participants can register for the Scholarship Program via a link placed on the website of a participating credit union. To register, each participant must provide a valid email address, choose a password, and accept the End User License Agreement for the Scholarship Program simulation software. If a participant is under the age of eighteen (18), his or her parent or guardian must also review and accept the End User License Agreement. For specific details, please refer to the *Official Rules for the Money Mission Financial Literacy Scholarship Program.