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Prepaid Visa Reloadable Debit Cards

Your key to financial management

Prepaid Visa Reloadable Debit Cards

Apply for your Prepaid VISA Reloadable Debit Card today. No checking account required! Accepted everywhere.

  • VISA is accepted – use for signature or Point of Sale (POS) purchases
  • Members select their own PIN after activation
  • Reloadable – go to or the Credit Union
  • Minimum load is $10; maximum value on the card is $5,000 30-month card expiration
  • Automatic renewal if card is active with a balance
  • ATM withdrawals allowed at all ATMs reflecting PLUS or Interlink logos

No fees to purchase goods and services.

The following fees will be deducted from the balance on your card:

ATM Fee: Each ATM withdrawal will be charged $1.50.

Funding Fee: You will be charged 50 ¢ each time you reload your card.

Maintenance Fee: A monthly maintenance fee of $1.75 applies until card expiration or the available balance is zero.

Denied Transaction Fee: If a transaction is declined, either at an ATM or a merchant, a fee of 50 ¢ will be deducted.

Inactivity Fee: If you do not use your card for 90 consecutive days, your card will be assessed a monthly fee of $3.00 beginning in the fourth month and will occur monthly until activity resumes or card expiration.

Closed, Lost or Stolen Card Replacement Fee:To close or replace a lost or stolen card, $5.00 will be deducted. Upon request, a $35 charge will be assessed for expedited delivery of a replacement card.

Card Reissue Fee: Upon expiration your card will be automatically reissued if your card is in good standing and a $3.50 applies.

Cashout Fee: $15 to close out with the balance.

Negative Balance Fee: 50 ¢

VRU Usage (Voice Responce Access System): 50 ¢ per telephone call after four calls per month and $5.00 per telephone call to live customer services after four free calls per month.

Please contact Member Services at (414) 649-7949