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Student Loans

Focus on learning – not just on finances – with affordable student loan options.

Whether you need a new student loan or have existing loans that need to be consolidated or refinanced, let Aurora Credit Union help you meet the financial demands of funding your education. Through a partnership with UW Credit Union, we now offer student loans at competitive rates and with the personalized service credit unions are known for.

We offer:

  • Competitive rates
  • 0.25% interest rate reduction for automatic payments
  • Personalized, friendly service
  • Debt protection: loan forgiveness up to $50k if borrower passes away
  • Cosigner release after first 36 payments are made on-time and consecutively
  • If applying for a new student loan, make sure you have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) first.

Membership Requirement

As credit unions, UW Credit Union and Aurora Credit Union have membership requirements. This requires opening a $5 membership savings account with UW Credit Union, which must remain open until your student loan is paid in full. No other products are required, so you can keep your existing accounts with Aurora Credit Union and continue your financial relationship with them.

Before Starting an Application

Before you apply, it's important to understand how the student loan process works. Please review the Financial Aid Process Overview and Timeline.


Start a new application or finish your application.

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Current rates and questions

Please visit the UW Credit Union website for current rates. For questions, please call our Loan Services Department at 414-649-7948 (toll free 888-530-9555).

*To be eligible for the interest rate reduction for automatic payments, you must be signed up for automatic payments through Great Lakes Educational Loan Services. If at any time automatic payments are stopped or the loan is not in good standing, the rate discount will not be applied.

UW Credit Union reserves the right to modify or discontinue benefits at its discretion and without notice.