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Switch Kit

This Switch Kit will provide you with the forms you need to easily transition your accounts like Automatic Payments and Direct Deposits over to Aurora Credit Union. All you have to do is fill out the forms and mail them.

Click here to open the Aurora Credit Union Switch Kit

If you're uncertain about anything along the way, please don't hesitate to contact us:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (414) 649-7949 or toll free (888) 530-9555
  • Address: 3355 West Forest Home Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53215

Ready to get started?

To set up Direct Deposit – use Form #1

  • Aurora Health Care Caregivers can set up direct deposit online: Please log into Caregiver Connect and go to "My HR Connection" quick link. Click on "My payroll and compensation" and click on "Add/Update Direct Deposit." The Aurora Credit Union routing number is 275080525.
  • Other direct deposits: You will need to notify the companies (employer, government deposits, pension, investment dividends, child support, etc.) that are providing you direct deposit that you want to switch your direct deposits to Aurora Credit Union.
  • Complete Form #1 – "Direct Deposit Transfer" and attach a voided check or pre-printed deposit slip, and mail the completed form to the companies that are providing your direct deposit.

To set up or move your Automatic Payments from a checking account - use Form #2

  • To transition automatic payments, ensure you have the following information available: Name and address of companies receiving payment, Bank account numbers currently in use, dates of automatic withdrawal, dollar amount for automatic withdrawal, Aurora Credit Union voided check or pre-printed deposit slip.
  • You will need to send written notices to companies who automatically take payments from your checking account (utilities, mortgage, insurance, credit cards, Internet service providers, child support, etc.) notifying them that you want to transfer existing automatic payments to the Aurora Credit Union.
  • Complete an "Automatic Payment Change – Form #2" for each automatic payment. Include a voided check with each form so the company can confirm your new account and routing/transit number.

Other automatic payment options like Bill Pay and VISA Check Card are available by contacting the Aurora Credit Union.

To close old accounts – use Form #3 or #4

  • Information you'll need to close your former account(s): Address on file at your bank, your phone number, bank account number(s) you are closing, address to send remaining balances.
  • You will need to send written notice to your old financial institution informing them you are closing your account. Complete the "Account Closing" Form #3.
  • You may also want to contact your financial institution for further instructions to close your account.
  • Ensure all checks and transactions have cleared before closing your account.
  • If you prefer to have Aurora Credit Union close your former banking account on your behalf, please complete, sign and bring Form #4 "Account Closing" to Aurora Credit Union to have it notarized or you may appear before a notary who will witness your signature (please wait to sign in front of a notary public).